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2024-3-31: Back at it!

A quick preview of some of the rocks I've been cutting recently!

2023-12-21: my dawgs

Check out the latest news about my two dawgz!  

2023-11-18: got wood?

Follow along on another round of cutting some petrified wood!

2023-10-24: Petrified wood

I took a detour to polish a piece of petrified wood with a natural edge!

2023-9-22: Lake superior agate time

I worked on cutting a lake superior agate that's been taunting me.

2023-9-1: Jay's bonanza

Swing by Jay's Bonanza in Mt. Ida AK and don't forget to tell him The Agate Whisperer sent you!

2023-8-26: Mining in arkansas

Check out our trip to mine crystals in Arkansas!

2023-8-6: Brecciated jasper

Cutting a great piece of brecciated jasper!

2023-7-30: Keokuk cuts!

Cutting a couple rocks from Keokuk IA and a special announcement!

2023-7-8: Surprise!

I get a surprise in the mail and send a surprise back out!  That's what Dave calls a double surprise.  Check it out

2023-6-10: Sodalite

Is it "soda" or is it "pop"?  I don't know, but you will definitely pop at any party if you wear this sodalite!

2023-6-6: Wire wrapping

I take a shot at wire wrapping some stones and break out the Fru-Fu!

2023-5-23: A crappy Time

A little before and after action of cutting coprolite!!

2023-5-12: Rock slicing

I get the slab saw out for a summer season of cutting rocks!  And, The Agate Whisperer experiments with some AI Art

2023-4-30: Slabs galore

A little show and tell on a box of slabs I recently purchased

2023-4-14: Hollywood

Check out The Agate Whisperer's debut youtube video!

2023-4-6: High speed sander

I try my hand at making some equipment, behold, the Holy Sander!!

2023-3-26: Lightning in the cosmos

@Raevenjewelry stops by, and I crank out a top 10!  

2023-2-28: Sci-Fi Jasper

I team up with @Raevenjewelry to make some one of a kind pieces out of Sci-Fi Jasper

2023-2-18: Polishing coprolite

Follow along as I achieve my life's goal of polishing a turd!

2023-2-13: Triangle contest

See how I made the 2023 January contest winner, and my 10yr old narrates it!

2023-2-5: LSA Recut

Join me to re-cut a previously tumbled Lake Superior Agate!

2023-1-28: Jeeps Rock

I combine all of my hobbies to make a Jeep memento!

2023-1-22: Cutting the crap

Join me as I cut into a few pieces of coprolite!

2023-1-21: LSA Heirloom

Making an heirloom for a friend out of a Lake Superior Agate

2023-1-6: What a load!

2023-1-2: Ohio flint

The results from the slab contest are in, and I start cutting with a little help from a friend.  Check it out!

2022-12-26: Gary green

I try out some Gary Green Jasper and a new shape!

2022-12-25: secret mission

Just like old St. Nick, I go on a top secret mission for Christmas!

2022-12-1: Tumbling

My tumbling progress and a new addition to my coveted "Landscaping Rock" line of pendants

2022-11-10: Obsidian try 2

My first batch of tumbling obsidian turned out pretty good but I wanted to make some improvements...  even if it takes 6 weeks :0  Enjoy!

2022-10-24: Noreena horror show (pt 1)

Watch as Noreena Jasper turns my saw into a blood bath

2022-10-17: Growing some rootz

The Agate Whisperer goes big time and partners up with a local store.

2022-10-8: Volcano agate

See me cutting this rare type of agate and contribute to the swear jar.

2022-10-2: rock show!

The Agate Whisperer makes his world debut at the Southern MN Meet and Greet!

2022-9-18: Double rainbow!

I take my first shot at cabbing some rainbow obsidian, and Dave weighs in on the quality.

2022-9-11: buck fifty pays a visit

My good friend and metal detectorist Buck Fifty pays a visit and shares his rocks with me

2022-9-1: Wrapping and Surprises

I do some wire wrapping in preparation for an upcoming rock show, and get a BIG surprise! 

8/21/2022: Obsidian experiment

I discover a talent for photo editing, and I'm really good at it.    Oh yeah I polish some obsidian too

8/15/2022: Weekend projects

Lots of plates in the air this last weekend!  Read more

8/14/2022: Neighbor's Rocks

See what I did to my neighbor's rocks, and rookie mistake I made!  Read more

8/6/2022: Unboxing Rocks

Best day of the holiday season, and a visit from a professional hand model!  Read more

7/29/2022: Business card contest

Vote for your favorite!  Read more

7/24/2022: saved from the tumbler

Saved from the tumbler, and glad I did...  Read more

7/23/2022: Lake superior agate

My neighbors are redoing their deck and looky what I found ...  Read more

7/17/2022: Noreen Jasper!

This month's cabochon competition ...  Read more

7/16/2022: Slabbing a thunderegg

A thunderegg that looks like a real thunderegg, and a little like a sealion ...  Read more

7/12/2022: Cutting a thunderegg

Back in January I got a box of thundereggs ...  Read more

7/6/2022: Rock hounding in MN

I don't get out much... enough said.  Read more