2022-7-17: noreena jasper pair

7/17/2022: Noreena Jasper Pair

What's better than one piece of Noreena Jasper? Two! Especially if they're a matched pair, made for a cabochon competition. Here's how they were made, in 47 simple to follow steps. err.. I'll give the abbreviated version. I've never made a matching set before so this was an interesting experience, and it totally rocked.

Cut the preform, and grind to the same shape

I usually draw a line on the side for the girdle. It makes it a lot easier to get an even height for me. Many people more talented than me don't need to draw this line and they freehand it.

Here they are with the girdle lines

They're easier to hold when they're attached to a stick, so this dop wax is used to attached it to a stick. It's sticky stuff and needs to be heated.

Dop wax is dry

Then you start forming the dome on the top. I didn't take pictures for each stage, but this is after the 1200 grit. Looking pretty good so far.

After a quick polish. Notice the difference in shine between the 1200 and after the polish. Yowza

Separating the dop wax from the stone is pretty easy. A quick toss in to the freezer and they come right off

Pop! Clean off

And finally, the finished product. Hope you enjoyed!