2022-12-01: Tumbling

I'll be up front - tumbling is not my strong suit. And no, I'm not talking about my routine in the 1997 middle school Olympics. Of course, I'm referring to getting a nice shine on my rocks. Well I've been practicing on both of those fronts and am ready to show some progress.

Secondly, I had some time to finish another piece in my coveted "Landscaping" series of jewelry. These are pieces I make from the landscaping rock I find around my neighbor's house, or that they bring me. Enjoy!

I didn't end up taking pictures of each stage of the game with the tumbler but this is a picture of one of the last polish stages.

After washing and cleaning things up, here is the batch. I also learned my camera takes horrible pictures with that combination of blue strainer and fluorescent lighting, causing it to look a little icky.

Pretty nice shine on these guys but I need to work on getting less bruising and cleaning the polish out of the cracks.

Not too shabby on this little slab.

Here are some more of the tumbled slabs

And another picture with the glare. I'll keep working at it!

Now to change gears - here's the landscaping rock that looked pretty interesting.

Never know what you're going to find, but this one showed some nice pink colors inside.

Another shot

I didn't take picture during the process of making this, but here it is all completed! Enjoy!

Finally, as we know, December 1st marks the end of Movember. I'd like to share a selfie I took of my Movember mustache before ending out the month. I actually forgot about it this year so I grew this in the last three days, but I think it paid off.

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