2022-8-15: Weekend projects

8/15/2022: Weekend projects

Ever have a lot of projects going on at the same time? That was the story of my rocks this last weekend. Very tiring, but also exciting. Without further ado, let's see some pictures.

I'm really cheap so I can't let scraps go to waste. This little piece of Noreena jasper was sitting on my bench for a while and I decided to cab it. It turned in to one of the smallest cabs I've made.

Here's the rough cut shape. Free-styling this time although it looks like one of the three shapes I usually make. (embarrassing)

Turned out pretty good!

Ok next project! This is some kinda rock I found on a trip "up north". That's what we call the middle of MN... let's cut it open.

Not too shabby!

Another slice

You wish

Pretty interesting looking slabs. Hopefully they take a polish!

What in the world? Not sure what to expect on this one. This is another landscaping rock find from down the street.

Hard to see but it has a nice pink glow in person. Has a number of fractures but let's see how it goes.

Got a few slices out of that one.

And a teaser for next time. Looks like a mess... and it is!