Rockhounding in MN

7/6/2022: Rockhounding in MN

I recently had an opportunity to go rockhounding in a location other than my neighbors landscaping river rock. If you can ignore the horse flies and mosquitoes, it's a beautiful place to be! Unfortunately, they don't ignore you but it's worth it to spend a few hours looking for rocks.


  1. Find agates (fail)

  2. Find rocks to fill rock tumbler (success)

  3. Make people think I lost a contact lens and get them to help looking for it (so close)

This is what the landscape is on the trail. All of the ground goodies just waiting to be collected. I couldn't wait to start raking in the TPF's.

I picked up a lot of these for the tumbler. Not sure how they'll turn out.

Now here's an interesting piece. I believe this is called an Omarolluk, but I'd like to get some others to weigh in on it. I've seen some of these before, same pattern, similar area, all very interesting.

A few for the tumbler, will see how it goes.

I also tried out my UV light at night for the first time. Not really sure what I'm doing but collected all of the glowing rocks I came across.

Well that was fun, thanks for looking!