2023-9-1: Jay's bonanza

I'm finally catching up from our trip to Arkansas.  One of our favorite stops along the way was a rock shop called Jay's Bonanza.  After mining crystals at the Avatar mine near Mt. Ida Arkansas and a quick stop by the Dairyette to stuff my face, we stopped in to see what some real crystals looked like! 

This was really one our favorite stops on the trip.  We even got to meet superstar and rock enthusiast Jay himself, who is very knowledgeable about rocks.  He's got some great prices too, so much that we stopped by a second time on the trip.  I highly recommend a stop by Jay's if you're in the area.  If you do, make sure to tell him The Agate Whisperer sent you.  (You won't get a discount but he might look at you weird)

Here are a few pictures!

Truth be told, I didn't exactly know what to expect.  My favorite part was digging through the rocks outside and finding treasures.

I didn't even need to go mining!  I could have just stopped here!!  

This is actually a picture of my second visit to the shop... I didn't realize there were even more rock tables on the side of the store.  This is where I lost self control and had to ride the 13 hours home with a box of rocks under my feet.

Lots of interesting finds inside as well

If you're looking for some local specimens, this is the place to be

Needless to say this little guy came home with us...

This is one of the pieces I bought from the outdoor tables.  Jay and I had a good conversation about it so I wanted to post the cutting progress.

Here's one of the first slices!  Hoping it takes a good polish but that's a job for another day.

Even my mentor and online shopper extraordinaire Dave was impressed!  Here's a picture of him reading this post!

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!