2023-5-23 a Crappy time

As you all know, I'm working through a box of coprolite and whaoowhee this has been a wild time!  Every day is Christmas when you cut into a piece of crap, so I thought we'd do a little before/after edition today.  My mentor and international superstar Dave has really been encouraging me to up my game so I can only hope this is what he had in mind.  We'll check in with him at the end...  

but before we go there, we've got big news.  Libby set some of the cabs I polished for her and they turned out amazing!  She also got her website up and running so you can see all the cool projects she has going - check it out: https://raevenjewelry.com/

Ok - as Dave would say, let's get started...

First up is this gnarly stool sample.  Can't wait to see what's inside!

Yowza! Did not expect that!  Pretty cool actually, with the agatized pieces on the top.  This is a winner.

Next up is this huge load.  It's almost too big for my saw but we made it through.

Hard to say...

Here we are - this thing is massive!  Not a problem for Dave but there were a couple moments when I wasn't sure the saw would cut it.  Very cool.

Number 3.  Well technically number 2 but you know...  i've been pretty excited about this one based on the outside texture.  I've been told that those pock marks might be entrance holes for beetles.  woah.

Here it is!  Never know what to expect!

Finally, this huge one.  This thing is too large for my saw to cut like a specimen so I set it up for slabbing and took off some slices. 

The other reason I slabbed it was that it just didn't seem like a lot was going on inside.  

WHAAATT???  This is better than Dave could have imagined.  You can see the remains of a partially digested tree limb at 6 o'clock on the bottom and also at 9 o'clock.  If you look closely you can see the tree rings.  

I showed this to my mentor Dave and he's a picture of his reaction...

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!