2022-10-17: Growing rootz

I met a lot of great folks when I was at the rock show a few weeks ago, since I'm a natural social butterfly of course. One in particular was Jeremy who owns and operates Rootz Of Inspiration. I stopped by the other day and was greeted by one of the nicest dogs I've met in a long time. After petting him, I found that the store has a great variety of hand crafted items like planters, pictures, art, and a ton of rocks! This is one of the only places I know of to get slabs and some rough rock locally. The best part is, he supports local artists by working with them to sell their products, and he also makes his own.

When I showed him my rocks, we quickly partnered up and I'm pleased to announce you can now purchase Agate Whisperer pendants in person at Rootz of Inspiration! Thanks Jeremy! We're also working on a pretty high value deal to get my custom coffee mugs in to the shop but I was concerned about the massive amounts of traffic this might cause and we don't yet have the correct permits to allow traffic control for special events. We'll be exploring this with the city council.

Here's the store front

He's got some of everything in here, and something for everyone! Do you see it?

My own little space. It was hard to part with these but I know they'll find great homes.

Like I said, this is the place to be if you enjoy rocks

Lots of very cool art from a number of local artists

Here's where it is. Don't hesitate to stop on in. And tell Jeremy the Agate Whisperer sent you.

As always, I've been receiving a LOT of fan mail for more custom art work and digital design. I've heard your call, and am pleased to share the moment we teamed up:

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!