2023-2-13 Triangle contest

As some may know, I try to partake in a monthly contest hosted by the hands down best lapidary forum on the internt.  No, this isn't hosted on showmeyourrocks.com, this is the real deal at rock tumbling hobby.  There's a wealth of knowledge and lots of pictures of people's rocks.  Each month there's a contest with a theme chosen by the previous winner.  January's theme was triangles.  Now this is a shape i don't make a lot of, so let's see if we can get this going.    

And, just for fun, this article is going to be narrated by my 10 year old.  Let's see what happens.

This is some shard he found of a weird agate thingy

He's shaving it to make it look better I guess.

He's cutting the weird agate thingy

He's taking a photo of it... I don't know what's happening there!

Look at how he carefully glues it on.

He's bathing it

What happened there??  Looks like a very small meteor made a dent in the side

He took it off the glue because the glue looks a little melted.

He cut the tip off the space shuttle.  I mean, that's what it looks like :D 

He put the tip back on the space shuttle.

He's making it float with his mind so he can take a picture of it!

He's doing it again...

Strike a pose, rock!

He's doing glamour shots

My what a shiny rock

Must have been all that bathing...

Well that certainly was some different narration...   Overall it was a really challenging project and you could see a few of the challenges I hit along the way.  In the end, this cabochon took first place in voting.  I'm super excited to add this to the award winning collection!  

In other news, I have an updated Agate Whisperer graffiti tag and my first project.  Exactly what I was going for, looks like the side of a train car!!  If you'd like one, don't hesitate to contact me

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!