2023-2-28 Sci-Fi Jasper

Big news folks, and I mean BIG.  I recently met up with a local silversmith @Raevenjewelry who makes some really cool pieces.  She was looking for some custom cabochons to make into some one of a kind jewelry.  After looking through some slabs and shape options, we decided on a piece of jasper which had some really wild patterns going on. This is exciting, trust me.  I later posted the pictures on my favorite rock forum for an ID and it turns out it's called "Porcelin" or "Sci-Fi" jasper.  How exotic!  Oh yeah it also goes by "Exotica" jasper.  Not even making that up, google it.  Ok let's get this show on the road!

Here's the slab and shapes.  I'm not exactly sure about the dark parts but what they hey, let's give it a try.  

First step is to slice this up.  Sometimes this changes your mind on the shape because pieces fall off, but this material held together pretty well.

Got some nice pinks and purples going on in this material

Next up, let's rough grin the shape.  Of course I do this with two hands, but photo taken for dramatic effect.  

When I was grinding this side of it, there was a lot more red rock mud being producted.  I think this dark area is a lot softer than the rest.

Looking pretty good!

I've never cut a rock for a silversmith before but after talking, we decided that a little lower girdle line would work best.  

I didn't want to break these so I used the official wax dopping method rather than my hillbilly torch method.  Don't ask.

While that's heating up, let's rough grind the other two shapes.

This is such a cool shape, but I had to go back a few times after taking this picture to get the sides even.  Everyone and their uncle can see when these symmetrical shapes aren't quite right so this is important.  Uncle Dale - can you see it?? 

Let's get this party started.  

This is the first cut I make to start the dome.

I skipped a few picture and this is the complete dome after 220.  Doesn't look like much yet.

After 280.  Looks a little better, definitly smoothing out.

600 complete.  That black part is definitely softer material

1200 grit.  Starting to shine!

Looking pretty good after 3000.  You can see the two light bulbs in the fluorescent light which is a good sign.

Now for a little hand creme for moisturizing.  Jk this is an polishing compound and a leather disc.  

Final piece!  The picture doesn't do it justice, it's got a lot more purple in it.  

Here's a picture of the second one.  DANG that turned out good!  

Finally the last piece.  I really like this one.  Going to be hard to give back.  

Here's a picture of the second one.  DANG that turned out good!  

Those were a lot of fun.  I can't wait to see what Libby at @Raevenjewelry does with these and hope someone really enjoys them.  If you're looking for a preview of finished pieces, or want to pre-order the finished pieces, check her out on Instagram and get ready to be wow'd!

I took a picture of teaming up which is below.  Pretty sure that's how it happened...

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!