2023-3-26 Lightning in the cosmos

Long time no see!  It's been a busy month and I've got some great news.  I've once again teamed up with @Raevenjewelry to collaborate on a few pieces.  We met up and talked about a some new cuts she'd like to make with some stones and I got right to work.  Needless to say, this one blew my mind and I think this one turned out to be one of my top 10.  As such, it's been officially named "lightning in the cosmos."  Thanks Lisa!   Also, I suck at identifying rocks, so please reach out if you know what kind of rock this is! huhu

Here's the requested playlist.  As many of my loyal fans know, I usually make kind of boring tear drop shapes so I'm excited to try these out.  

It took a THIN blade a steady hand but was able to detach the bottom piece from the test of the rock.  I was nervous. 

What a relief!  The material held together really well.

Here's the rough shaping

Time for the first cut.  This gray stuff is a bit odd.  It's softer than the rest of the rock so I'll need to be careful.

The full first cut complete.  Doesn't look like much yet!

220 complete.  Except after this i went back to fix those scratch marks right at 5 o'clock and again at 11 o'clock.  Those are from the 80 grit wheel

I was surprised at how hard this rock is.  Here's the 280 grit wheel result and it's already starting to take a bit of a shine.

600 complete.  I noticed that piece on the top which looks like a potential crack but it seems very well attached so I'm not concerned.  

1200 Grit and already getting the double light reflection.  Starting to get exciting!!  (doesn't take much....)

Finally, the 3k grit.  This looks pretty nice as-is but I'm going to take it to a polish.

Yowza.  I always take a picture still on the dop stick in case it comes off in pieces.  Fingers crossed!

Here we are.  I can say this is one of my top 10 pieces with the rock pattern, polish, and nice shape.  I can't wait to see what @Raevenjewelry makes with it!

You may recall a few weeks ago cutting some sci-fi jasper.  Here's the final product and you can get ahold of @Raevenjewelry on instagram if you'd like to purchase it!!

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!