2022-9-1: Wrapping and Surprises

9/1/2022: Wrapping and surprises

It's been quite the week of activity. As many of you know, I'm preparing for the southern MN meet and greet. If you happen to be introverted, this might sound like something to avoid like the plague but I can assure you this is actually the biggest rock related shop and swap in the southern MN area. Some pretty big names such as The Agate Dude will be there, and of course The Agate Whisperer's debut. I highly recommend swinging by to check it out. And if you are introverted, just stop by and enjoy the fantastic rocks and maybe just secretly high five me while walking by. I thrive on this because I'm a social butterfly. Cough.

Here's the flyer!

If you thought that was great news, you had better set down your Agate Whisperer branded coffee mug for this next bit. As a prominent website owner these days, you can imagine that I get a lot of fan mail from my viewers. When I was reviewing my mail the other morning I was surprised to see a note from none other than Google. Updating terms of privacy? Reaching out for a survey? Looking for ad revenue feedback? All good guesses but as I opened the letter, I found that I was the recipient of an extremely prestigious award for the fantastic work being done on this finely curated website! I'm pretty sure this is a world record and would like to thank each and every one of my loyal viewers for helping me get to this life milestone. Thank you!

Here are some wire wraps I made. Each one of these has a groove cut into the side of the cabochon. I'll post a tutorial sometime on how I do this, but for now, I need to get ready for the show!

These are all done with a silver fill wire.


You'll be the talk of the town showing up at your next soirée wearing a fossilized piece of history.

They don't call it crazy lace for nothing.

Ohio Flint?

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!