2022-12-26: Gary green

Ah yes, the day after Christmas. Now that I'm 25 pounds heavier, there's really no better time to play with my toys! I haven't had much time to polish my rocks lately so this is a great chance to try out some Gary Green Jasper that's been taunting me from my work bench. Furthermore, I've been getting a lot of requests from my most loyal followers (Dave) to try out some new shapes. I aim to please, so let's do it!

Here's the slab. The reason I've been avoiding it is because there's a decent amount of pitting and I couldn't decide on some shapes.

Let's get cutting! This may sound hard to believe but I've never made the shape shown on the right before. This is going to be sweet.

Here it is all roughed out.

There's a lot of pitting. I put a bevel around the back edge to try and help with some of the gaps.

I sure hope this works!

First few cuts complete. You can see all the little holes starting to show up.

One thing I didn't expect... the green part must be softer than the blue part... so as you can see my nice new shape has turned in to a little bit crappier new shape on the bottom. Need to fix that.

I tried rounding it out and think it looks pretty good. Here is it after the 280 grit.

600 grit complete. Those pits aren't going away.

1200 grit. Starting to shine!

And the final grit, 3000. Taking on a nice polish. Pay close attention vs the final polish.

Time to use that leather polishing disc with some even finer aluminum oxide. Let's see if there's any difference.

Final polish complete. I tried to get a similar picture to the 3000 picture. It amazes me how much more it shines up with the polish step.

Looking good!

Last but not least, the glamour shot! Time to get a bail on this puppy so someone can use it. Hope you enjoyed the process and trying out some new material and shapes!

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!