2023-11-18: Got wood??

I've been having fun with a box of wood I purchased.  It was tough to figure out where to start but I picked a promising looking piece and sliced a chunk off the end and just went HARD.  No really, this stuff is super hard and take a really long time to grind, but the polish is fantastic!


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Here's the 'mostly' before picture.  Doesn't look like much from the outside.

Nothing spectacular on the inside but it does have a pretty cool pattern and nice pink coloring.  Should make a nice pendant!

First step was to grind it in to the shape.  This took quite a while due to how hard this stuff is.

This is after the rough grind.  Hard to imagine trying to get all of those scratches out.

What's cool is that it starts smoothing out and taking a luster pretty quickly.  This is after the 220 hard grit.  Not bad.

After the 280 wheel, this material is so hard that it's already taking a shine.  Just like Dave!

600 grit - already seeing that double light bulb reflection

This is it after the 1200 grit.  😍

Fast forward to the 3000 grit and polish step - here we are!  Yowza! ! Thanks for taking a look!

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!