2023-1-6: what a load!

I've decided to make my crappiest post yet. Coprolite (fossilized dino pewp) has got to be one of my favorite fascinations, and sources of many jokes. I recently received a box of crap for a gift and I can't wait to get to... cutting it.

There's a wealth of knowledge and pictures on the Rock Tumbling Hobby Forum, here, which is where some of the info below comes from.

Check it out, many even look like they were freshly discharged.

[edit] I've learned that the pock marks are likely dung beetle entrances and will show some great tunnels when cut open. Can't wait!

Wonder what he ate...

Here's the stool sample I plan to cut. I need to wait for warmer weather to cut the larger pieces.

Enough hesitating, let's cut the crap! This piece was small enough that I could use the 6 inch saw and cut it by hand.

I decided to cut the bottom off for a flat surface and then once again down the middle to form somewhat of a bookend. These are too small for bookends, but WOW!!

These cuts are the shizz!!

Here's the bottom side. This is where it gets interesting. According to the excrement experts, those circles/rings are actually partially digested tree limbs which were fossilized along with the rest of the pile. Due to the location found, these are most likely from a Hadrosaur who was a vegetarian (before it was cool) living in North America around 70 Million years ago!

I asked for some additional details on the rock forum and was provided with the picture of a similar coprolite sample on the right, and a petrified wood specimen from the same location on the left.

Mind. Blown.

Info cited from RTH Coprolite Page

Join me next time as I try to polish a turd!

Finally, to pinch this off, I have some exciting news to share. If you go to MN Lapidary Supply in Princeton MN, you'll notice that the Agate Whisperer is now on their skills center board! (can you find it??) Feel free to stop by, and tell them The Agate Whisperer sent you! If you do that, please email me the type of look they give you.

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!