2023-4-30 slabs galore

One of my rock buddies recently posted a few items for sale and I passed it on.  But then after checking the posting several times a day telling myself I don't need anymore rocks, I decided to let fate decide and messaged him.  Long story short, a box of slabs has found a new home with the Agate Whisperer!  I always like these boxes because there's a lot of variety and you can see what works and what doesn't.  Considering cutting a slab takes 15-30 minutes, not including the cleanup of oil, I felt pretty good about the transaction.  I selected a few to show off below, so enjoy and get ahold of me if you'd like some of your own!

This is the sign of good times to come.  A 20 pound box of rocks tossed on to the front step and luckily not broken open.

These weren't padded etc but they had a protective bag around them.  Can you feel the excitement??

I don't know what most of these are, but daaaaaaang there are some cool pieces in here!  

These are pretty good sized too

This will make some interesting cabochons

Orange and green speckles?  What in the world is this?

This is like show and tell but mostly just show because I don't know what kind of rocks these are.


Going to be so nice

Big weekend plans?  Oh yeah just admiring my rocks!

some kind of breccia?  

Maybe petrified wood?

Very interesting

This guy will take a nice polish

Some kind of nothern lights rock

Last but not least

And plenty more - ok everyone, group shot!  Say "grinder!"

In other news, my friend Libby has a new website with some great pieces of jewelry completely hand made and set in silver.  Take a look and tell her "The Agate Whisperer sent you!"  Here's the link:  raevenjewelry.com

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!