2022-9-11: Buck Fifty pays a visit

My good friend stopped by who just happens to be an avid metal detectorist. His detectorist nickname is Buck Fifty, because coming back with about that much is a pretty good day! But this time, he didn't have a pocket full of coins, he had a nice little rock in his pocket for me to polish!

Let's get started!

We decided to give it a dome to get a great polish and show off this sweet little ground goody. Here it is after the initial shaping. Looks a little scratched up!

No need to worry, here it is after the 280 grit sanding.

And again after the 600. Starting to see the shine!

I always say 1200 is where the magic happens. Starting to take a nice polish.

I did a quick 3000 grit and finished it off with the polishing wheel. You can see my excitement in the reflection

Here's an action shot of Buck Fifty and me inspecting the rock for scratches. Spoiler, there weren't any. 👍

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!