2023-5-12 Rock slicing

The snow has melted and the mosquitos have yet to hatch, so this is the 3 day window we like to get out and do things in the northern US.  One of the things I like to do is get the slab saw out and start slicing some rocks!  The best ones are the ones I forgot what they are...

Oh yeah, I was introduced to some AI generated art.  I had some fun asking it what the agate whisperer would look like in graffiti.  Enjoy!

First up is this sweet ground goody from one of my personal heroes and superstar Matt K.  He found it in Arizona so let's slice it open!

I was really excited because those sure look like agate lines.  

And here it is!  Not exactly what I expected.  All of the color was only on the outside but it still looks pretty sweet.

Kind of like some birch bark

Here's my second victim.  I bought this a while ago and forgot what it is.

Any guesses?  Looks like...  a rock...?

You ain't going to believe this but this is the same rock.  

That's right, it's a piece of mushroom jasper

Every slice is different

And it makes great cabochons! 

Here's something new.  I asked a graffiti art generator to draw the Agate Whisperer in graffiti on the side of a train.  Here's what it came up with:  

Ok ok it actually took a number of tries and changes in the wording but it's kind of fun to play around with.  Here's another!

And finally, here's a picture which I think is spot on of "My mentor Dave showing me how to cut rocks"

As always, send me a note if you see something you like!