2023-8-6: Brecciated jasper

Dear Diary -- my favorite things to cut...

It's been a while since I've cut a piece of this, so trimmed a piece on the saw and went to work.  This is on the larger side of my cabochons which is great for capturing all of the wild patterns in this material.  Wild I say!  And as my mentor and fellow hand model Dave would say, let's get to work huzzah!  Settle down Dave.

Here's the preform, all ready for some fun. 

Here's an action shot of grinding the rough shape

It helps to put these on a dop stick for shaping and polishing.  Here I use my OSHA compliant heater to melt the wax.

Now the dome is complete.  Sorry for the bad picture but I took all of these while making a reel for my new life - being an Instagram star.

280 complete

600 grit, nice hands.

1200 - not too shabby

Time for a little polish

This is a rock that really shines back after the polishing step.  Yowza!

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