2022-7-29: Business card contest

7/29/2022: Business card contest

A common question I get is "Hey Agate Whisperer, how can I leave my mark on the world, like you have? And, what do you do to stay so fit and handsome?"

Well the second part is easy. I'm religious about my workout routine. I consistently do 4 sit ups and 3 push ups each day.

The first part is even easier. You can weigh in on what my future business card should look like! I mocked up a few versions of the card with different fonts, and invite you to contact me to vote on which is the coolest. Simply send me a note with your favorite and any uplifting comments! At the end of voting, I'll announce a winner and see if someone with a printer would print it for me (eh hem... Dad?). Good luck to all the cards, now let's get voting!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Bonus - here's the back of the card. It's resourceful AND fun. (and handsome)