2023-7-30: Keokuk cuts!

Summer is flying by and the weather has been hot, so getting to the saw is a little challenging lately.  Luckily, the temperatures cooled down just in time to cut a few rocks from my friend's trip to Keokuk, IA.  They're known for having a lot geodes in that area, so this will be fun!  

Before I get there, I've got some pretty big news.  The Agate Whisperer has been selected to participate in this year's First UU Handcrafted Bazaar!  This is a craft fair where local artists can show and sell their goods.  This will be my first 'real' craft show so just like y2k, I need to get started prepping.  If you're in the area, save the date and swing on by, I'd love to show you my rocks 👀

Ok let's get to the rocks.  Out of the trunkfull of rocks brought back by my neighbor, we chose three out of the group.  The first is the smallest so let's see what's inside.

Well there it is.  I don't know whether to call this a geode or something else.  There's a small voide in the middle, but you can also see some larger crystals that have grown and filled up the center.  

Here's the second one.  A little larger so let's see what's inside.

By the way, have you have tried clamping a ball of rock in to a saw?  It's a bit of a challenge and tries to squeeze out when being compressed.  Some people have built jigs for this, but I don't do this enough so I'm just going with my normal clamp and a healthy dose of whining.  

Well that's interesting.  You can see a bit larger individual crystals in this one. Even the solid parts are made up of larger individual crystals.

Finally, this one.  There's a lot going on the outside of this one so I really have no idea what the inside will look like.

Did not expect that.  Looks almost like a kind of snowflake design in the solid center.

But wait, I knew there was something a little unique about this one.  Upon closer inspection and a little brighter light...  what's that?  Dave??  What a truly unique find.  I'll be submitting this to the museum of natural handsomeness!

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As always, send me a note if you see something you like!